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Future plans

first post: ibondy wrote: Hello, Are there any plans for future development? Cheers

latest post: DarkSlash wrote: GREAT JOB, Gil! It's been almost 3 years since this project is with...


first post: johnatan17 wrote: First of all .... great ... great job. Is possible to create n-n...

latest post: johnatan17 wrote: First of all thanks ..., and second WOW ... That's exactly what I ...

Bot only play?

first post: rbunn83815 wrote: I was wondering if there is any way to have only bots play? I was ...

latest post: gils wrote: As a matter of fact you can. We tested the application assertions u...

Where is source code?

first post: shahram wrote: Hi, I wonder where can I fine the source code? Regards

latest post: gils wrote: You can download the latest version here

How to provide better resolution support?

first post: gils wrote: The main window was designed on a screen with 1600x1200 resolution ...

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