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Welcome to WPF Poker

This is a quick guide for the novice user, just to get started with the game.
If you ever played an online game, this should be a breeze for you, just follow the instructions and no one will get hurt.

Install the Game

Download the cool installer from the main site,
Double-Click the setup file, and follow the basic instructions, nothing much to it.

Start the Game

To start the guide, please start the game:
  • Start Menu -> Too Much Code -> WPF Poker -> WPF Poker
  • Go to the directory you installed the game in and double-click the UltimatePoker.exe file.

Connect to a Game

After the game has loaded, you’ll be greeted by the server list screen, which contains all the servers you can connect to.

Server list screen

If the server list is empty, it means there are no servers available on your network, which probably means the people at your workplace, work too much.
Ask one of your more experienced players to create a server, or see the “Create a Game Server” section to start it yourself.

We will presume there is a server available to connect to.
  • Select the server from the list
  • Enter your nickname in to the “Sign in as:” box
  • Click “Connect”
  • (If your nickname already exists you’ll be prompted to change it)

You have just connected to a server, congratulations and good luck with the game.
See the next section to learn how to play.

Play the Game

After the game has started, you’ll see the main screen of the game, which is separated into a few sections on the screen/table:

The main playing screen
  • Your cards section (bottom-middle section)
    • In this section you’ll see your cards, and you’ll be able to perform the actions of the game.
  • Your bet section (bottom-right section)
    • In this section you’ll be able to raise your bet amount and perform a bet action, or an All-in action.
  • Other players cards (around the table)
    • In these sections you’ll be able to see what other players do, and in the end of the hand, their cards.
  • Community cards (middle of the table)
    • In this section you’ll see the community cards, if any are available in the game.

We will not bore you with the poker rules; we assume you know them, so we’ll just state what you need to know in order to play.

When it’s your turn, you have a few options to choose from:
  1. Call/Check/Fold - press the appropriate button at the bottom of your cards section.
  2. Raise the current bet amount:
    1. First you have to establish the amount you want to raise by.
    2. Click the chip-buttons in the bet section, in order to raise the bet amount by the number started on the button.
    3. See the current bet amount at the top of the buttons
    4. Right-click the chips to lower the bet amount
    5. To complete the bet action, press the “Bet” button.
  3. All-in – put all your money in, by clicking the “All-in” button, in the bet section.
  4. Change Cards – In games like 5-Card-Draw, you are able to change cards to do that:
    1. Click on the cards you want to change (they will become highlighted)
    2. Press the “Draw” button
    3. Hurrah, the cards have been changed

To see what the other players have done in their turn, watch the line at the bottom of their cards, it’ll show the action performed by that player.

At the end of a hand, press the “Deal” button to continue to the next hand.

That’s about all you need to know about how to play the game, now it’s all up to your card playing skills, luck and whether the computer allows you to win or not.

Game Options

At the top of the game screen there’s an “Options” menu, we’ll just go over them, so you won’t feel lost (need a raft?).
  • Always highlight hand:
    • When enabled, your best hand is highlighted at all times, and when the other players show their hand, their hand will be highlighted as well.
    • When disabled, hovering the mouse cursor over the hand text (right above your cards, or under the other players cards), will highlight the hand.
  • Game Speed – When playing against the computer, you can determine the speed in which it will play.

Create a Game Server

If you want to host a game on your computer, and let other people connect to your game, or play against the computer, follow the next instructions and you won’t be disappointed.

Create server screen

In the Server List screen of the game (the first screen in the game):
  • Click the “Create…” button.
  • A “Create Server” screen will open up
  • Select the type of game from the game type dropdown list, on the top left of the screen.
  • Select the desirable port (check that this port is open in your firewall, if you have one)
  • Select all the game parameters that are related to betting:
    • Ante – the entry fee to a hand
    • Starting Money – money which every player gets when starting a game
    • Small Raise – minimal raise
    • Raise Limit – the amount of raise rounds
    • Raise Blind Each Hand – the amount of cash added to the blind each hand
  • Bots – the amount of computer (AI) players, note that a maximal amount of players available in the game is 8 (including you).
  • Press the “Create…” button
  • The main game screen will open up (there’s no need to connect to your own server).
  • Wait for other player from your network to join the game
  • Wait some more…
  • A Little bit more…
  • When everybody’s connected go to the “Create Server” screen
  • Go to the text box at the bottom
  • Press the “Enter” key to start the game.

Note: after the game has started nobody else can join the game.
That's all you need to know about how to setup a server.

In Conclusion

That’s about it, enjoy the game and tell your friends.
If you find any bugs or just want to say thanks, go to the main site,, and post your heart away.
If you want to help, since this is an open-source project, you can just download the code from the main site and fix the bugs yourself.

If you want this quick guide in a Word format, please click Here

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